• OCEANIC is a new born company dedicated  to the subsea sector. We have the ambition to cover the increasing demand emerging from the chartered ships in the maritime industry.
  • Attracted by the recent port extension, we chose Sines to be our base for the development of our commercial activities.
  • Our mission, is to support all kind of vessels during their stay in Portugal. We provide the highest safety, health & environmental standards into the full spectrum of underwater technical and related administrative services.
  • OCEANIC extensive background comes from the offshore oil and gas industry.
  • Our IMCA, (International Marine Contractors Association) Quality Management System, offer the state of art equipment. i.e. our ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle), the TYPHOON, an eco friendly robotized hull cleaning system and a team of divers working safely at the OGP (Oil & Gas Producers) / IMCA / ADC (Association of Diving Contractors) standards matching those required by the shipping class societies.